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I graduated in Computer Engineering (Embedded systems) at Politecnico di Torino in 2019. Now, I am a PhD student in Software Engineering in the Software Lab group at Stuttgart Universität, part of TU9 (the alliance of leading Technical Universities in Germany), advised by Prof. Dr. Michael Pradel.

In my research I work on Software Evolution and Mining Repositories (see ESEC/FSE'22, Distinguished Paper Award), Code Change Retrieval (see IEEE TSE paper, second place winner of the ICSE’22 Student Research Competition), Code Search (see ACM CSUR paper) and more. Moreover, I supervised projects for two undergraduate students on Towards Automatically Repairing Errors in Python and Testing FAISS indexing on DiffSearch, and one bacher thesis on Improving the Recall of Searching for Code Changes.

During my free time, a friend and I won the first phase of Gnome Challenge 2020 ($1,000) called "Help reach a new generation of open-source coders". Moreover, I collaborated with the Linux Polito Students for the project OpenScuola, building Linux laboratories in elementary and middle schools with recycled hardware. Finally, I ride 16km per day with my bike, I love playing Go (Weiqi 围棋) and I am translating in italian the Go Book Project to allow this incredible game to be more popular in Europe.

All opinions expressed in this website are my own and not of my employer. My CV, certificates and references are avaible on request.


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